Tae Bo Workout -  Martial  Arts and  Dance Beats Combined!

Turning the clock back to the mid seventies, karate champion Billy Blanks stumbled upon a powerful combination of martial arts and kick boxing moves that he started to put together with dance music. With seven world karate championships already under his belt, this Golden Gloves champ was simply trying to find a way to make his fitness training more enjoyable and effective. When the elements of his favorite moves were energized by the upbeat music, he realized he had discovered a powerful formula which later became the foundation of the Tae Bo workout.

Billy Blanks also coined the term Tae Bo which is an acronym for Total Awareness Excellent Body Obedience. With it being set to high-energy music, the workout is considered to be a high impact aerobic fitness routine. However, during the Tae Bo video, Blanks also demonstrates how people at lower fitness levels can modify the movements to fit their abilities. Because of this, it is an exercise approach that people of many different fitness levels are able to use and which can serve people as they go from beginner to intermediate to advanced physical conditioning.

In the various Tae Bo DVDs and video routines that are available, the student learns a variety of movements that come from different disciplines. Through a Tae Bo workout, people will be challenged with doing movements that might be found in martial arts, boxing and dance classes. In addition, Billy brings an intense level of enthusiasm and he encourages his students throughout the vigorous routines.

A typical workout starts out with a brief period of warm up movements and then it quickly moves into the main part of the routine. The class proceeds into a series of punches, jabs, steps, and kicks which have been choreographed with the music to lead the participant through a series of combinations set to an eight-count. While the routine borrows from some types of self defense classes, it is not in any way considered to be a self-protection course and should not be practiced for that purpose.

A Tae Bo workout is an excellent way to get an effective cardiovascular training session. In addition, Tae Bo exercise sessions can help improve balance, enhance coordination, and increase flexibility at the same time. It is also very effective at toning and defining muscles, especially the large muscle groups in the thighs and buttocks. With careful attention to proper form, Tae Bo workouts can also be very efficacious in strengthening and sculpting the abdominal muscles.

Many people report that they consider their Tae Bo routine to be responsible for more success with weight loss than they have even experienced with any other type of fitness routine. During a Tae Bo exercise session, people are able to burn between 500 and 800 calories in one hour. This is almost double the calorie burning of a typical aerobics class that will burn 300 to 400 calories during a hour-long workout.

When first beginning with Tae Bo workout exercises, they should be done at a comfortable rate for the student. One of the most common mistakes people make with any workout is that they try to do too much, too fast. This can lead to excessive stress on tissues and joints which can cause soreness and injury. While it is easy to get caught up in the routine because of the music and the exuberance that Billy Blanks displays, it is best to start slowly.

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